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Human Hair Premium Too MixxHuman Hair Premium Too Mixx
Human Hair Premium Too Mixx
Sale price449 kr
Sensationnel Preumium Too - Lovely 14 InchesSensationnel Preumium Too - Lovely 14 Inches
Sensationnel Premium Too - Pretty 18 InchesSensationnel Premium Too - Pretty 18 Inches
Sensationnel Premium Too - Deep 16 InchesSensationnel Premium Too - Deep 16 Inches
KANUBIA EASY 5 - NATURAL BOHEMIAN 1 PACK STYLE - Visons Hair & Cosmetics Butik<transcy>100% SYNTHETIC HAIR NATURAL BOHEMIAN, 18 ”, 20”, 22 ”&amp; FREE CLOSURE</transcy>
Äkta Hår Blend Kanubia Easy7 ColombianÄkta Hår Blend Kanubia Easy7 Colombian
Human Hair Premium Too Wvg Yaki ProHuman Hair Premium Too Wvg Yaki Pro
Human Hair Yaki Natural Bulk 18"Human Hair Yaki Natural Bulk 18"
The best in Stockholm by far! Sickly good customer service & service and Vivat helps wherever she can! Be blessed "

- Tary Engmann