Syntetisk Premium Fibers Converti Halv Peruk

Syntetisk Premium Fibers Converti Halv Peruk

1 Wig. 1 Million Ways

The styling switch ups are limitless. Want a low ponytail today, a hair up half down style tonight. 

What´s a Convert-Cap" Wig"

The Convert-Cap " Wig is a fresh new twists on wigs. We've re-thought the traditional wig and then transformed it. this unit can be comfortably placed anywhere, unlocking 


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Halv Peruk Converti-cap SlaycationHalv Peruk Converti-cap Slaycation
Syn 2in 1 Instant Weave Halv Peruk GenevaSyn 2in 1 Instant Weave Halv Peruk Geneva
Instant Weave Custom Fit Olivine SensationnelInstant Weave Custom Fit Olivine Sensationnel
Instant Weave FM 7006 Dixi SensationnelInstant Weave FM 7006 Dixi Sensationnel
Instant Weave - FM 7003 Gale SensationnelInstant Weave - FM 7003 Gale Sensationnel
Halv Peruk Converti-cap Love AffairHalv Peruk Converti-cap Love Affair
Halv Peruk Converti-cap Living LegendHalv Peruk Converti-cap Living Legend
Halv Peruk Converti-cap Glitz & GlamHalv Peruk Converti-cap Glitz & Glam
Halv Peruk Converti-cap Dominican BounceHalv Peruk Converti-cap Dominican Bounce
Halv Peruk Converti-cap Curvy AddictionHalv Peruk Converti-cap Curvy Addiction
The best in Stockholm by far! Sickly good customer service & service and Vivat helps wherever she can! Be blessed "

- Tary Engmann