Hairflair Softhood Hårtorks Tillbehör
Hairflair Softhood Hårtorks Tillbehör
Hairflair Softhood Hårtorks Tillbehör

Visons Butik

Hairflair Softhood Hårtorks Tillbehör

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Hairflair Softhood Hårtorks Tillbehör


Repslagargatan 6

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Repslagargatan 6
11846 Stockholm

  • New and improved Hairflair Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment helps to dry hair when using curlformers, rollers, or velcros using a unique non-slip silicone collar
  • Blow dryer attachment fits hair dryers up to 2.25 inches (or 55 mm in diameter) and has adjustable chin strap and a side drawstring to ensure hood stays in place
  • Softhood has over 140 ventilation holes for faster and even heat distribution (use low heat setting only)
  • Drying time is approximately 20 - 30 minutes depending on hair type, length and thickness


1. Place the deluxe softhood over curlformers, rollers or Velcros and pull drawstring to secure the hood around them

2. Fasten the adjustable chin strap to hold the deluxe softhood in place

3. Attach the elasticated tube securely over the hair dryer nozzle

4. Switch the hair dryer to a low heat setting

5. Apply a conditioning treatment on the hair and place the deluxe softhood dryer on hair for 3-5 minutes for more intense results

"Lyhördhet respekt , dialog med kunden det är viktigt väldigt nöjd med förslaget och resultatet."

— Geni Abraha

Om Vison`s Butik

Visons butik har funnit inom hårvård-
och skönhets handeln sedan 1998. Vi är en hår- och skönhetsbutik
tillägnad skönhetsentusiaster över hela Sverige