Vison’s Butik is a one-stop-shop of beauty products for the African market in Stockholm. What started out being a small shop offering hair and beauty products has over the years grown to including a hair salon, a web shop and has through it’s long experience in working with wigs and hair-extensions also become a an important supplier to the cancer patients through the partnership with Karolinska Institutet. Vison’s has through a dedicated team also maintained a cutting edge understanding for trends, exemplified by the recent focus on organic and poison free products which would be a first in the African beauty community.

The longevity and success of Vison’s can primarily be attributed to the focus and dedication of founder/manager Vivat Arvidsson who has built the brand Vison’s with a long-term view. Vivat e.g. offers workshops for parents of mixed-heritage children who don’t have the experience of taking care of African hair and skin to teach them what they need to think about. These activities, accumulated knowledge and well-established brand has cemented Vison’s place as a center of excellence in the African beauty community.