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Africa Essence Control Wig Shampoo, 355ml

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Africa Essence Control Wig Shampoo, 355ml

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Extend The Life Of The Wig. Made For Synthetic And Human Wigs And Braids, Weaves And Hairpieces.

This Shampoo Cleanses, Conditions, Moisturizes, Removes Excess Oils, And Dirt As It Delivers Superb Softness, Beautiful Sheen And Revitalizes The Natural Look Of All Wigs.

Directions: Add A Capful Of Control Wig Shampoo To A Basin Of Cool To Lukewarm Water. Gently Swish, Lifting The Hairpiece Up And Down, To Remoce All Traces Of Dirt And Oils. Towel-Blot Or Shake To Remoce Excess Water. Rinse Thoroughly. Spray With African Essence Control Wig Spray And Place On A Stand To Dry. Brush Into Desired Style After Hairpiece Is Completely Dry.

"Lyhördhet respekt , dialog med kunden det är viktigt väldigt nöjd med förslaget och resultatet."

— Geni Abraha

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