Frakt 75 kr - minsta ordersumma 199 kr


Premium Too is a moderate quality 100% human hair brand, which makes it the perfect choice for affordable hair extensions. The Jerry Curl has a tight curl running throughout its length. The Premium Too hair comes on a weft/track this allows you to attach the extension using the method that is best suited to you: sewing the extension clips on, bonding using the Salon Pro or Liquid Gold glue and weaving.
Alternatively, the hair can be cut off the weft/track and single bonded in using the glue gun or keratin re-bonds. The extensions can also be cut adding layers or shaping around the face. For help on sewing the extension clips on and bonding.


How to Maintain : To retain hair quality avoid overexposure to sunlight, harsh wind, chlorine and salt waters. Don’t spray perfume to close to hair

Type of hair: 100% Human Hair
Type of product: Weave / Bulk
Packs used for full head: 3-4